Sometimes I’m so full of myself that I think that people really care about what I am currently up to. 

Currently watching: NOTHING. EVERYTHING IS ON HIATUS AND I’M LOSING MY MIND. I’m casually watching Avengers Assemble the cartoon series when I get a chance to sit down and watch it, because it has Hawkeye being snarky in it and that is all. I also watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith last week for fun after reading a Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff fanfic based after it. It was way better than I thought it would be and I actually loved it a lot.

Currently reading: Les Misérables, for school. I already love the movie and the musical (I’ve seen four different versions of it online) and I am enjoying the book a lot too. I didn’t think I’d like it as much as I am, it’s written beautifully. It’s just very long. Other than Les Mis, I’m reading a lot of fanfiction. If anyone wants to read any good Clint/Natasha Avengers fanfics, let me know, I can hook you up.

Currently listening: To Pandora. My Pandora account has such a variety of music on it, I flip from 70’s rock to New Age Indie, to Disney Music to Star Wars soundtracks, and right now I’m listening to a station dedicated to fiddle music and folk songs. 

Currently trying: To be positive. I’m very stressed right now, there’s a lot going on and a lot on my shoulders, and I can feel myself getting extremely burnt out. I’m hoping that by focusing on the good things, I can avoid being negative and frustrated as I get through all the stuff I’ve got going on.

Currently waiting for: Star Wars Weekends!! I am so excited to go to SWW this year, I’ll get to spend it with my best friends in the world, Autumn, Savanna and my cousin Butterfly is tagging along too. I’ll get to meet some friends I haven’t yet, and see friends who I haven’t seen since last year! Star Wars Weekends is always such a blast, plus, we’ll be in Disney. I can’t wait. I am just trying to get through everything else to get there. 

Currently upset over: Warehouse 13 ending. I watched the series finale on Monday night, and I am still extremely disappointed that it’s over. Such a great show. I think the ending did the series justice, and I am really really annoyed with all the hate and disapproval of it. I could go on for hours about how wrong just about every single person who judges the show and what happened during this season are, but I won’t, because I’m trying to be positive. ^^^

Myka Bering is perfect and allowed to fall in love if she wants that was her decision and I hate that everyone is saying that it was poor or lazy writing because I have a long list of reasons why it isn’t and why I love what happened in that finale other than my OTP becoming canon because I didn’t even ship them until this season okay everyone go away don’t touch me

Currently enjoying: My new phone. If I had your number, or if you want to give me your number, message me anywhere, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email, etc and give it to me, since I have to rebuild all my contacts again. It’s an iPhone 5c, and let me just tell you, that phone is awesome. Why didn’t I have an iPhone before?? This is me, accepting defeat and joining the social norm. 

Currently stuck in my head: Like a mixture of four different songs from the dance recital. I was backstage so much I heard all of them, and when I’m not doing anything they’ll just pop back into my head. Specifically, “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”, “Dance The Pain Away”, “Lady Marmalade”, and “Vogue”. It’s driving me insane. 

Currently wishing: For dance to be done so I can go to Disney and see my friends. 

Currently hoping: That it doesn’t rain this weekend because I really want to go to the beach.

Currently shipping: Maks and Meryl from Dancing With The Stars (THEY ARE REALLY PERFECT OKAY AND I LOVE THEM TOGETHER I CRIED OVER ONE OF THEIR DANCES I’M SO HAPPY THEY WON) and Clint and Natasha from The Avengers. O.T.P.

Alright, I’m sure you’re sick of hearing about me. What are you all currently up to? 

Happy almost-Anniversary to my parents, they’ll be married for 23 years this weekend. 🙂 And Congrats to my friends Nanci and Brian, who will be getting married this weekend! Another note of congratulations, my best friend Savanna’s brother graduates from Air Force basic training this weekend, and we’re really proud of him! Congrats Chase! 

That is all my friends, I’m sure you’ll hear from me again soon, and don’t be shy! Talk to me!! 


Gracie ❤


2 thoughts on “Currently

  1. DUDE YOU MUST TELL ME OF THESE CLINTASHA FICS! All of the ones I was reading haven’t been updated since last summer…
    Ooh I hope you have fun at SWW! I so wish that I was going, but, well living on the opposite side of the country makes that difficult :p
    I hope that you’re able to relax soon, it’s no fun being stressed out all the time *hugs*

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