Grace. 17.

I’m a drama queen.
I like too many TV shows and movies. I read too many books (but still not enough).
I love history. I love old books.
I’ve got a novelist’s eye and a (metaphorical) license to fly.
Florida born, SoFlo livin’.
I’m a storyteller. I angst about everything (and anything).
I’m 99% sure I’m a Disney Princess.
ENFJ: natural born leader (or just really bossy???)
My best friends have nature names. (Autumn, Butterfly, Savanna)
I’m a Daddy’s Girl and the best big sister that ever walked the earth.
I’m a dance teacher.
I’m a professional shoe-tier and errand runner.
I’m the violist in the Noble Quartet, which will (probably) become famous.
I really love Her Universe and like to flaunt my world.
I believe in Fairies.
I’ve got a thing for Dinosaurs.
I remember Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.
I love Captain America, Bucky Barnes, Dean Winchester, and Clint Barton.
Probably more than I should.
Jesus is my Savior.

Two words to describe me: Star Wars


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