Happy New Year

I’m literally the worst blogger ever. This blog is just there in case I decide like writing stuff down every few months, which is clearly what I’m doing, since my last post was in October. So NaNoWriMo has come and gone, Christmas has come and gone, and now it’s the first day of a brand […]

Cat Posters and Ended Hiatuses

Why am I so bad at blogging?? I just can’t seem to grasp the concept of writing regular posts and actually making an effort to have a real blog. No one really reads it anyway, so apparently I don’t like myself enough to “write for myself”. Which, in all honesty, is probably true. Anyway. How’s […]

I’m Hooked On A Feeling

It’s been a while since I blogged, hasn’t it? I’m kind of full of sarcasm and rage today (post Disney depression…it’s a real problem) but I’m going to try and crank out a decent post because God knows I should have done this a long time ago.  To be honest with you guys (what, all […]


Sometimes I’m so full of myself that I think that people really care about what I am currently up to.  Currently watching: NOTHING. EVERYTHING IS ON HIATUS AND I’M LOSING MY MIND. I’m casually watching Avengers Assemble the cartoon series when I get a chance to sit down and watch it, because it has Hawkeye being […]

Kids Say The Darnedest Things

Don’t they though? Kids are hilarious. I couldn’t really think of a decent blog post to put up, because I am incredibly lazy/busy and have spent my entire Spring Break cross-stitching like the complete nerd I am (also watching Supernatural, which only promotes the nerd-self-image).  I’m a dance teacher, which is essentially like being a […]

New Blog, New Me

I used the most cliche title for this post I could possibly think of. You tell me if I succeeded. Everyone does that thing at some point in the blogoverse where they do the whole “new blog, new me” BS. I guess that makes me too? I am thinking of this as more of my […]